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Jeanette Harris

Jeanette – Head of Talent Acquisition

Shirley is a skilful coach and I have found her coaching supervision to be thoughtful, flexible and well placed. Shirley has a gentle style combined with an ability to bring supportive challenge, powerful insight and learning. She is generous in sharing her wide library of resources and learning sources, and also applies an advanced understanding and application of Embodied Leadership which has enabled deeper insight in our sessions. As well as coming away from each of our sessions with enhanced clarity and purpose around the topics I wanted to focus on, I was also left with an unexpected and enduring sense of well being. I am very happy to recommend Shirley as a highly competent and ethical coach and coaching supervisor.

Scott – VP Quality

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to get to know – and LEARN from – Shirley.  Her vast knowledge and experience, along with her unique approaches to coaching and development, put her in the upper echelon of colleagues who have helped my personal and professional growth.

I was fortunate to learn from Shirley many innovative ways of coaching and leading people.  And, I was also fortunate to benefit from her coaching/mentoring my HR Business Partner.  Shirley clearly has a passion and caring for supporting others to grow.



Dionne – Coach, Artist, Teacher

Coaching supervision with Shirley was very rewarding. I really enjoyed the creative and intuitive ways of working. She tapped into my creativity and helped me clarify my direction as an artist and coach. It was good to feel supported and challenged at the same time as Shirley often empowered me to answer my own questions.

I discovered new ways of working with the body and what it can tell us in order to get in touch with blocks and to develop alignment and authenticity. Shirley was generous in recommending some great training and networks, which are helping to take me in the direction of my goals and develop myself as and artist and coach. I always looked forward to our sessions as Shirley has a positive and non-judgemental style and can work creatively with whatever comes up in the coaching session. I valued her flexibility and the space it opened up for me.


Gerlinde – Commercial Manager

Shirley has surprised me with her deep listening and quiet approach. As a coach she helped me to unveil previously sub-conscious elements critical for my personal success. She set off an avalanche of ideas that enriched my life in so many ways.

Shirley’s toolbox contains countless materials for personal development through self-reflection, understanding of social feedback and collecting new experiences. Her extensive work with clients from different cultures and professional backgrounds together with her sincere effort to achieve the very best for every single person has made the true difference for me.

Today’s business communication is full of superlatives but I dare to say that Shirley’s way of being and work have transformed my life in a new and even better way. Thank you Shirley.


Silvia – Wellness Coach

Shirley is an excellent supervisor. She’s professional, genuinely caring and highly flexible in her approach. I have really enjoyed working with her in a safe and supportive environment. After each session, I have been left restored and energised for what lay ahead and the results have been fantastic. I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Erika – Director, Executive Coach

It is my extreme pleasure to write a recommendation for Shirley Smith who has been my coach supervisor.

I work as a Business Coach to Senior Executives in Slovenia. Shirley was recommended to me by my friend who is also a coach. Shirley helped me address and reflect on my inner issues and improved my daily work with my coachees with her calmness, self-confidence and a remarkable sense of feelings. With her persistence she pushed me beyond my comfort zone and her quiet presence helped me feel secure while getting some new insights.

I know I am lucky to have had an opportunity to work with Shirley whom I can absolutely recommend as a highly professional coach supervisor.

Shirley is a great coach – she is both challenging and supportive, asks thought provoking questions and is very creative in her approach to helping me work on and solve the challenges I face. She has helped me to see my role as a trainer and facilitator from a different perspective and enabled me to deliver more impactful and valuable learning and development services for my clients.

Mark – MD & Founder – Training Organisation