super smoothies – Savvy Leaders find irresistible

Choices choices. If I take a sip will I get hooked on the stuff? Find out for yourself for free – details of how to do that at the bottom of this post.  Many savvy leaders and coaches say once they’ve tried it – they do. The kind of super smoothie we’re talking about is different. It’s not a drink. It’s an experience. One that can produce similar effects. Curious?

Most of us instinctively know that there’s a super smoothie blend out there that’s good for us. Not for everyday, more as a regular boost to our system. What we go for might change depending on our mood, energy levels or what we instinctively know our body, mind or soul is asking for right now.

Savvy leaders and people who coach as part of their day to day job take care of themselves so that they are in the best possible position to be strong, fit and adaptable for todays challenges. They supplement their expertise, experience and know-how with regular doses of something else.

This time though, they are nourished through a person. A person who has the skill to bring and suspend the right balance of ingredients and hold them in a meaningful conversation, suspended in a glass of crystal clear clarity. People leave feeling restored, refreshed, insightful and aligned for whatever comes next.

The super smoothie we are talking about is called coaching supervision.  For a flavour of what’s in store consider …..

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Like smoothies – Coaching Supervision has been around for a while – it’s just now both are much more readily available and catching our attention.  Both more needed and relevant to our wellbeing than ever.

A recent Leonardo European Union study on Supervision and Coaching in Europe confirmed the benefits of supervision to include improved professional performance, self awareness, stress reduction and professional development.

Agnes Turner from ANSE (Association for National Organisations for Supervision in Europe) quotes from the report ‘On health and wellbeing: Wellbeing is related to wholeness, strength, skills and potential, inner wisdom, personal and professional development and responsibility’.   She observes ‘In my experience as a coaching supervisor I can not fail to see the positive impact coaching supervision has had on the wellbeing of my coaching supervision clients and in turn others in their organisations’.

Shirley Smith, Coach and Coaching Supervisor to internal coaches said ‘I am amazed at the feedback leaders and internal coaches give me about the ways coaching supervision has resourced them to deal with the ever increasing challenges of day to day organisational life. Their capacity to support others is directly impacted by their capacity to take care of their own wellbeing via coaching supervision’.

To celebrate international coaching supervision day  – Agnes and Shirley have teamed up to launch walk-in & virtual coaching supervision café where people who coach as part of their role can give it a try. Walk-in in person on set dates at WKO Operngasse, Vienna or virtually via skype throughout June.   Forty minute sessions are on a ‘pay it forward’ basis – so free to you and if you like you can make a donation so that the next person can benefit from the wellbeing boost too.

Be well and book your taster session appointment here  or contact Shirley or Agnes via Linkedin or on here at


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Shirley is a Fellow of the CIPD and certified coaching supervisor. Shirley is passionate about the continuous development and coaching capacity of HR professionals, Leaders and Change Enablers - taking care of their own resilience & wellbeing in a dynamic world

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