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 Shirley Smith There For Me Coach

shirley smith – there for me coach

HR experience

HR Strategy
Develop & execute the HR strategy to underpin and support successful overall business strategy through the capability and capacity of people

Organisational Development
Deep experience in a wide variety of organisational diagnostic tools. Depending on the scale, teaching others or adapting tools to wide scale deployment. Using the diagnostic phase as part of the learning journey.

Change Management & Communication
Standing in the shoes of all stakeholders and working from their starting point. Thinking through how each stakeholder group can best hear the message and join in the dialogue. 

Leadership Development
Directly linked to the strategy – using the business or organisation strategy as the vehicle for development – learning is practiced on-the-job – learning by doing – at a pace the organisation and the people can handle

Culture Change
Clarifying the end goal and then engaging and involving people so that they own and drive the change. Introducing & using a coach approach as an enabler of culture change. Enabling many small incremental steps in the right direction – one day we look back and see how far we have come – something transformed itself.

Developing the HR Function
Our capacity to support others is directly proportional to our capacity to develop ourselves. Sometimes we need to start here. Then we can confidently role model the behaviours the organisation wants to see more of                              

Shifting the Skills Balance
This is often linked to functions becoming more customer centric. Learning to listen and understand stakeholders needs from another perspective – at a deeper level – and with that designing products, services and processes that match a different way of being.

Succession Planning
Breathing life into succession planning processes – one person at a time. Following through on all the good words to really making options real possibilities

Assessment Centre Design and Implementation
Sometimes we need robust structures and frameworks to set something new in motion – be it – new roles, training opportunities or recruitment processes. Above all ensuring these are fair, objective and transparent and that assessors are trained to ensure consistency. Assessment offers huge potential as a development vehicle in itself

Strategic Recruitment
Defining new roles or roles differently – getting real clarity what the strategy and the current organisational maturity calls for. And then with that clarity – go attract people who match that well. Recruitment processes ensure a high probability of success in the job

what others are saying

gerlindeShirley has surprised me with her deep listening and quiet approach. As a coach she helped me to unveil previously sub-conscious elements critical for my personal success. She set off an avalanche of ideas that enriched my life in so many ways.

Shirley’s toolbox contains countless materials for personal development through self-reflection, understanding of social feedback and collecting new experiences. Her extensive work with clients from different cultures and professional backgrounds together with her sincere effort to achieve the very best for every single person has made the true difference for me.

Today’s business communication is full of superlatives but I dare to say that Shirley’s way of being and work have transformed my life in a new and even better way. Thank you Shirley

formal education

formal recognition

global exposure – cultural awareness