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coaching supervision

 . . . a reflective practice

. . . creating clarity, confidence & compassion in the system

Since when?

For many many years mandated in the caring & healthcare professions – now being made available to others who are responsible for the wellbeing of others at work too.

Why now?

Do you value the on-going development, self-care and wellbeing of those whose energy and expertise is constantly being drawn on by others?

If yes, coaching supervision provides the vital ‘me time’ for people who provide the ‘you time’.

What happens before?

We set-out in what way we will work together – agree a clear framework. If you like, and its helpful, you can jot down the main themes you’d like to explore and either send them in advance to have them to hand for yourself on the day. Some people prepare in their head and go with the flow of what’s on their mind in the moment.

What happens during?

We settle into the session – How are we right now? – then perhaps centring and coming into ‘presence’ before we start. You explain what is inviting attention right now. We explore what needs to happen during the session for it to be worthwhile – what is it you’d like to be clarity on. The focus can be on any part of the system – people who directly impact you (at home or at work), you and your own needs or the system you or your coachee plays in.

I support with questions and observations

Every session is unique. We might tap into tools, techniques, thinking and beliefs as well as other insights. It’s an option to work with somatic data and/or creative approaches.

Audio recording for further reflection optional.

Agree date and time for next session.

Click here for what the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council has to say about Coaching Supervision) or here for what the CSA (Coaching Supervision Academy) says about Executive Reflection.

What happens after?

Follow up with own insights, reflections or journaling.

Links to any resources discussed will be supplied.

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