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Enough is Enough

What are the ethics of providing less than 100%?   When is 80% or maybe even less 'enough'?     Does it feel right?  Sometimes - less is more.  In a moment I will show you how [...]

Crow Story

My struggle was on my mind as I set off for a walk in the Vienna Woods yesterday. Then, out of nowhere, a young black crow drops a large acorn in front of me. The [...]

Key HR Skill – 5 letters

You probably guessed it, the one keyword stated some 40 times in the CIPD HR professional competency framework is the ability to ‘coach’.  That makes coaching skills pretty key in my view. ‘It’s up to [...]

HR in-house coach red-eyed moments

Be my HR business partner. Be our HR in-house coach.  Be positive. Be service minded. Be creative. Be the judge, go-between and deliverer of all kinds of news.  Be enthusiastically there for whoever chooses to [...]